Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Friendship, Romance and Tragedy

Hadley Dunn thinks she's perfectly satisfied with her life. She chose to stay at home for university and help her parents care for her baby brother, but when an opportunity to become an exchange student in Lausanne, Switzerland becomes available, she grabs a chance for freedom.

The city immediately captivates her. She meets the other students in her lodging, but doesn't feel particularly drawn to any of them until she meets Kristina, a Danish girl, who has the room next door. The two girls are drawn to each other and for a few months have an ideal friendship. But Kristina has a secret that begins to drive them apart. Then tragedy strikes and Hadley spends the rest of the book trying to understand what happened.

The setting in this novel is idyllic. The city of Lausanne with the quaint houses and shops and the lake is beautifully described. It makes you want to visit.

Hadley and Kristina are well drawn characters, particularly when interacting with each other. However, at the end of the novel where Hadley is acting on her own, I found her less delightful. She clung to her grief, tried to drag everyone else with her, and couldn't let go.

The book is well worth reading for the setting, if nothing else. It's primarily a character study, but isn't overly analytical. The plot is a little thin, but the hints of mystery keep you reading. It's an enjoyable novel.

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