Monday, October 11, 2010

A Romance set in Colonial Philadelphia

Where Hearts Are Free is the third book in the Darkness to Light Series following the adventures of the Clavel family in their new home in Pennsylvania. The main characters in this book are Philippe and Charles, the sons of the family who are working as indentured servants in Philadelphia. The book contrasts the situations of the two brothers. Charles works for a man who abuses his servants. Philippe works for a wealthy family and is well treated.

Bridget, the daughter of the family, falls in love with Philippe although a wealthy girl marrying a servant is unthinkable. The story revolves around Bridget's desire to make her own marriage choices and her parents desire to have her make a suitable match. Through the striving of the young lovers, the book shows the power of Christian love and God's ability to make good things happen.

While the story was interesting, I found the writing very stilted, and it wass difficult to get involved in the fate of the characters because they didn't seem real. However, the story is interesting, and the setting is good. For readers of Christian Romantic Fiction, it should be an enjoyable experience.