Monday, April 14, 2014

Did She Fall, Was She Pushed, or Did She Kill Herself?

Because of a falling out between Jess' mom, Molly, and her twin sister, Tilly, Jess has never visited the village of Port Sentinel where her mother grew up. She and Molly arrive at a difficult time. Freya, Jess' cousin is dead. She was a fey girl who went to the cliffs above Port Sentinel late one night. No one knows whether she fell, accidentally getting too close to the edge of the cliff, was unhappy enough to kill herself, or if someone pushed her.

Jess discovers, when the towns people stare at her, that she looks almost identical to her cousin. She feels a connection with the dead girl and wants to find out what happened. Her search is complicated by two boys who are interested in her, a coterie of bitchy, boy-crazy, girls, and her cousin's best friend, Darcy. Jess finally concocts a plan to learn the truth, but at great personal risk.

I enjoyed the plot. The town has accepted that Freya fell to her death accidentally. Jess is a newcomer and when things don't add up, she decides to take action. Although Jess comes across as bright and brash, it doesn't ring true. She's supposed to be brilliant, but the plan she concocts to learn the truth about Freya is little short of lunatic. I can't give high marks to her character. Will, one of the boys interested in her, is more believable. He's dealing with a difficult home situation,
a dying mother and a harsh father. He comes across as real.

As a mystery, the book lacks serious investigating. Jess tries to do all the sleuthing herself, makes horribly bad decisions, and is simply lucky in the end. If you enjoy teen mysteries, this one is fair. It's a pleasant read in an interesting setting, but I can't recommend it as a serious mystery or thriller.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley.