Friday, April 18, 2014

A Runaway Princess, an Assassin, and a Prince

On her wedding day, Princess Lia takes her maid, Pauline, and runs away to a village where she can live as a commoner. She has always chaffed at the restriction of being a princess. Now she is expected to marry a prince she has never seen, and is sure is an ugly old man, to secure an alliance with a neighboring kingdom.

She is happily living as a commoner in the village when two men arrive: one, the prince; the other, an assassin. Lia's life changes again as she is taken as a captive on a journey to a kingdom at war with her father's.

The book starts with Lia acting like a spoiled teenager. She doesn't want to do what her parents require, so she runs away. The second part of the book devolves into a hero's journey during which she grows up and begins to understand that more is at stake than her romantic notions.

I enjoyed this fantasy, particularly the second half. For me, in the beginning Lia is a rather unattractive character, but as the story progresses, she faces danger and begins to develop a serious love. I recommend this book if you enjoy romantic fantasy. It's a good choice for middle grade students.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley.