Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Good Book for Young Children Taking Their First Airplane Ride

Luca Lashes is preparing for his first airplane ride. He's helping his mother pack his clothes, but he's not sure he wants to take the trip if it means being on an airplane. With his parents patient explanations and his magical eyelashes, if you blink twice your courage grows, he's able to enjoy the flight and wants to do it again.

The Luca Lashes series presents a number of scary situations for young children: first swimming lesson; first visit to the doctor's office, hospital or dentist's office. I think the concept is excellent, but if the child has
no fear of the experience, I'm not sure I would read them the book. The text is simple enough for beginning readers to enjoy the book by themselves, or with some help from Mom and Dad. The illustrations are vivid. Some pictures of the mother look rather strange, but on the whole, they're enjoyable.

Apparently there are apps for the book if you have the itunes version. That should make the experience even better for the young child. I enjoyed book and recommend it for young children experiencing trying first adventures.

I reviewed this book for PR by the Book.

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