Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Diamonds, Mystery, and Murder

The five Saybrook cousins grew up in an atmosphere of wealth and expectation. Three are officers in the Saybrook Diamond Company; one is a playgirl; and one has disinherited herself from the family. Corrine, who is trying to live the perfect life, is getting married. The family is pleased, even if Corrine has doubts. Then Poppy, the cousin who has become president of the company, is murdered and everything changes.

Underlying the sorrow and disbelief, is the question: Who killed Poppy? The uncomfortable truth is that it might have been someone in the family. As they try to understand what happened. The cousins uncover family secrets that literally change their lives.

This book is a fun read. The plot is fast moving. The world of a very rich and successful family makes a good background. The five cousins are clearly delineated. These are all good points and make the novel good escape reading.

However, the characters were not likable. All five, with the exception of Poppy who dies early in the book, are very self-absorbed and often seem angry. I got tired of Corrine angrily trying to be the perfect person. Still, the plot kept my interest, and I enjoyed the setting. This is a good book for beach reading or a rainy day.

I reviewed this book for the Amazon Vine Program.