Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fast Paced Suspense

Juliet Cole and her husband Bob are returning the rental truck they used to help Juliet's sister Holly move when a white car drives up, and the driver shoots Bob. He dies and Juliet is heart broken. As she copes with his death she finds things that suggest Bob was leading a double life. Juliet is crushed as one relevation piles on another. She tries to hang on to her faith and help her sons through the difficult time, but it isn't easy.

Her siblings are there to help. Bob's death appears to be connected to another death that affected her family. Cathy, Juliet's younger sister, was engaged to Joe Hogan, a policeman killed in a drug bust that went wrong. Now it looks as if the person responsible for Joe's death was also involved with Bob in drug trafficking.

This is a fast paced thriller. As one revelation piles on another, you can't help reading on to find out what will happen. Although this is not the first book in the Moonlighters Series, it's a standalone novel. The author brings the reader up to date on the previous murders without getting heavy handed and slowing the story.

Juliet, Cathy, and Michael are all likeable characters. The teenage son, Zach, is portrayed as a typical teenager trying to understand his father's death and the subsequent revelations about his life. The characterization works well.

I recommend this book if you like thrillers. Although this one has a Christian background it is not heavy handed and the religious aspects work well to defined the characters.

I reviewed this book for BookLook Bloggers.