Saturday, May 3, 2014

Historical Romance, Murder, and Political Intrigue

Lily Donaldson lost her father in a fire that also claimed the life of her fiancé, Andy's, father. After the fire, Andy, disappears, and she's left to wonder why.

When Lily's mother dies, she takes a position in Austin. It's 1904 and the city is bursting with wealth and intrigue. Lily settles into her duties at the Butterfly Palace, the palatial home where she's a maid, but the past comes alive when she recognizes one of the guests and her ex-fiancé. She's disappointed when he pretends to not recognize her.

Andy's coldness is not the only problem in Austin. Lily is attacked in the churchyard by a man who is probably the Servant Girl Killer. She escapes, but now she wonders is anyone safe?

Unlike most of Colleen Coble's books this one has a very complex plot with political intrigue, murder, and counterfeiting. It's almost too many threads for one story. The characters seem superficial and behave in ways I doubt would have been allowed in the Austin society of 1904.

I also felt the book was rushed. There are many instances where the clues and what they characters know are contradictory. It even happens when the author is describing the weather. I rather enjoyed the plot, but all the errors detracted from the story. If you like Colleen Coble's books you may enjoy this one, but it's not one of her best.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley.