Tuesday, May 27, 2014

An Amazing World Filled with Gods, Villains, Heroes and Murder

Seventy-five years after Saypur conquered the Continent, Dr.Pangyui, a Saypur historian, travels to Bulivov, the center of government on the Continent, to study the history and learn more about the Gods who once ruled the land. Before he finishes his studies, he's murdered, and a young investigator, Shara Thivani, and her secretary, Sigurd, are sent to investigate.

Before being conquered by Saypur, the Continent was ruled by six Gods or Divinities. While the Gods were alive the Continent was wealthy and magnificent. Now it's a ruin, and the people are starving. The glorious architecture, the project of one of the Gods, is in ruins. Buildings are shoved together and staircases lead nowhere.

As Shara begins her investigation, mysterious occurrences make her wonder whether all the Gods are dead. The Kaj supposedly killed all of them, but only three deaths can be verified. The city is filled with the spirit of rebellion against Saypur. Shara and Sigurd have to determine whether Dr. Pangyui was killed by the revolutionaries, or whether he got too close to the secrets of the Gods.

The best part of this book is the world Bennett has created. It's complex filled with a mysterious history and an equally mysterious present. I loved discovering the past glories of the Continent. The characters, particularly Shara and Sigurd, are well done. They may a good team. You can't help but like the way Sigurd nonchalantly shoves obstacles out of their path. Shara does more of the analysis, but she is also brave and determined.

If you like fantasy and mysterious worlds, you'll enjoy this book. However, if you're after fast paced adventure, this novel moves rather slowly. I enjoyed the opportunity to savor the unusual world, but at times it stretched out and became a little tedious.

I reviewed the book for the Amazon Vine Program.