Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Fixer is Back

In this second novel in the Fixer series, Lydia, the fixer is recovering from serious injuries she received at the end of the first book. She has cut herself off from her former life, but she's still in touch with Mort Grant, the detective with the Seattle PD who saved her life at the end of the first book.

Mort is tracking a serial killer: a prostitute named Trixie who kills her Johns. She's very clever and leads are hard to come by.

Ingrid and Reinheardt Vogel own the Seattle Wings basketball team. The whole city is routing for the team to win the playoffs, but the owners are having trouble with their star player, LionEl.

Although the three separate threads come together for an ending that ties up all the loose ends, I was disappointed in the resolution of Mort's part of the novel because it didn't seem realistic. All three threads are interesting and relatively fast paced. It's easy to follow the different characters and keeps the story moving. However, if you find more than one story line distracting, you won't enjoy this book.

This story focuses primarily on Mort and the serial killer. Lydia has less of a role and doesn't use any of her Fixer talents until the very end although she becomes involved with exposing a child pornography ring. I found the Vogels interesting, but the basketball story has a very loose tie to the other threads, except as background, until the end.

All the characters are interesting and the plot is timely with the emphasis on basketball, serial killers, and in Lydia's case, child pornography. It's an enjoyable read.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley.