Sunday, October 2, 2016

Maggie Hope Faces a Copycat Jack the Ripper in WWII London

Maggie Hope is back in London after her trip to the United States in Mr. Churchill's party. While waiting for the release of her sister, Elise Hess, from Ravensbrook, Maggie is working at SOE, the Special Operations Executive Office. Maggie's boss is a frustrated little man who treats her as someone fit only to get tea for the men. Maggie has other ideas and keeps pushing for equal pay and pensions for the women in SOE.

Terror stalks the streets of wartime London in the form of a beast who murders young women. His profile suggests that he is someone who resents women getting jobs outside the home and taking the place of men. When young SOE volunteers are murdered. Maggie is caught up in helping to solve the case.

I have enjoyed all the Maggie Hope books, but I think this is one of the best. Maggie gets the opportunity to work with a competent police detective who, in contrast to her boss at SOE, respects her skills. I cringed at the way Maggie and the other women were treated in the SOE, but it gave Maggie a chance to highlight the prejudice against women and fight back.

Elise is trapped in her idealism. She's offered release from Ravensbrook in exchange for testimony against her associates, who were killing defective children. She refuses and although she knows she could die in the concentration camp, she would rather face that than testify.

This is the sixth Maggie Hope mystery. All take place during World War II highlighting various phases of the war effort behind the lines in Germany as well as in Britain and the United States. If you like a good mystery or are interested in WWII, I highly recommend these books.

I received this book from Random House for this Review.