Monday, October 10, 2016

A Controlled Serial Killer Almost Outwits the FBI

Dr. Iris Ballard, a former FBI profiler, watched her dearly loved husband brutally murdered and nearly lost her life at the same time. For the past two years, since she left the FBI, she's been teaching at a local college and using her free time to drink. When her episodes become public, even the teaching job is put at risk.

At this low point, Luke Hudson, her former FBI partner, comes back into her life. He's working a particularly ugly case. Young, single mothers are being brutally murdered and left in the woods in the water. This has earned the killer the nickname of the Woodsman. At first, Iris wants nothing to do with the case, but Luke leaves her the files over night. The case intrigues her and in the morning she begs Luke to let her work with him.

This story is psychologically challenging, but rather gory. The killer is a total control freak, not only able to control the young women he murders, but his colleagues as well. Unlike most detective novels, the identity of the killer is revealed about half way through the book. From that point on, the action focuses on catching him.

I enjoyed this book. It's well written. Iris and Luke are characters you can empathize with, and the plot keeps you on the edge of your seat. My only reservation is that it is rather gory, so if that bothers you, this may not be your book. However, if you like a gripping psychological thriller, I recommend this one.

I received this book from Alibi for this review.