Saturday, October 22, 2016

A Presidential Election from Hell

Erica Sparks, top news anchor at GNN, is struggling to be both a star journalist and a perfect mother. She knows she’s not succeeding very well when her boss tells her that her ratings are slipping and she has to do something about it. Likewise, she always seems to be disappointing her daughter, Jenny.

It’s the season of the presidential election. Erica is attending an appearance of both candidates, Fred Buchanan and Senator Mike Ortiz. Erica is positioned near the entrance. The Ortiz’s stop to speak to her, and Erica notices that Mike constantly looks at his billionaire wife, Celeste, for approval. This raises Erica’s suspicions that something isn’t right. When the Buchanan’s arrive they also pause for a moment. A man bursts through the crowd, drops a satchel, and suddenly there’s an explosion that kills the Buchanans and several bystanders.

Erica’s instincts are thoroughly aroused. She has to find out what bothers her about Mike Ortiz. It turns into a twisted tale that results in the deaths of the people helping her. Now Erica feels she must find the answer.

The second book in the Newsmakers series is filled with intrigue and violence, particularly at the end. I thought this book was better than the first book. Erica is more comfortable as a journalist and takes risks to unravel a mystery that affects the whole country.

The theme of the plot is how outside interests try to control a presidential election and ultimately the country. It was very pertinent at this season with the presidential election underway. I recommend this book if you enjoy a good political mystery. The characters are engaging. The book is fast paced, and it’s hard to guess the underlying motivations until the very end.

I received this book from Net Galley and Thomas Nelson for this review.