Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Teenage Romance and an Unsolved Murder

Ashton is back in Gilt Hollow. Four years ago he was sentenced to Juvenile Detention for a murder he didn't commit. His parents didn't stand by him, and he thought he'd lost the support of his best friend, Willow. Now he wants to know who did kill Daniel, the boy he as accused of murdering.

Willow has had a difficult four years. She's been defending Ashton, but since she hasn't heard from him in spite of all the letters she wrote, she's no longer sure what to believe. It's her senior year, and things seem to be getting better. She has a new friend, Lisa, and Brayden, one of the popular boys in school, wants to date her. But once she sees Ashton, she feels the same pull that made them best friends.

Soon it becomes clear that someone wants Ashton out of town and is trying to frame him to get him sent back to prison. Willow is still convinced Ashton is innocent and together they work to find out who did kill Daniel.

The book is filled with eccentric characters who paint, make pottery, and wear strange clothes and dreadlocks. These characters make an interesting contrast with the more traditional Willow and Ashton. Not all the townspeople are harmless eccentrics. The chief of police seems to have it in for Ashton and will bend rules to get him out of town.

Ashton and Willow are sympathetic characters. You can't help but feel Ashton's pain and Willow's indecision. Their struggles are very real.

My only disappointment was that it took almost half the book begin solving the mystery. The first half was devoted to Willow and Ashton reconnecting. However, once they start looking for clues, the pace picks up and the resolution is quite unexpected.

I received this book from Booklook Bloggers for this review.