Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Want to Eat Less Sugar? This Cookbook is for You

The I Quit Sugar Cookbook is colorful, filled with good information and tasty recipes. The pictures of food in the cookbook make you hungry just looking at them, and the best part is they're good for you.

In addition to recipes, the cookbook contains valuable information on setting up your kitchen, getting the best pots and pans, and baking dishes. From there the author goes into buying in bulk, how to store food, freezing, using leftovers and more. I found the ideas for using up your sugar very helpful since you won't be cooking with it. I hate to waste food so the section on leftovers was particularly helpful.

In the appendix, the author includes a suggested shopping list, ideas for substitutions, and a guide to sugar and sweeteners. You should probably turn to this appendix right away to get a good idea of just how dangerous sugar and sweeteners can be.

The bulk of the cookbook is filled with recipes. I love the section of leftovers. Last Night's Dinner with and Egg Stuck in it, is creative and it tastes great. There is also an excellent section on fermenting and other gut healing foods. This is a helpful section if you want to keep you gut healthy and try to avoid chronic diseases.

I highly recommend this cookbook. It's cheerful, packed with useful information, and the recipes and great.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.