Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Friendship, Sorrow and Forgiveness

Carrigan thinks her husband is having an affair, and it's making her do crazy things like starting her own affair with a man she calls Cell Phone Romeo. She's not really interested in this man, she just wants to get back at her husband, Jack, and make herself feel better. The feel better part isn't working. She's drinking too much and regretting it later.

Her lifelong friends, Ella Rae and Laine, want to help. Ella Rae, like Carrigan, is on the vindictive side, but Laine argues for forgiveness. She's convinced that Jack loves Carrigan and refuses to believe he's having an affair. All this seems terribly important until one of life's curveballs arrives and changes life for the friends.

This is a very Southern novel set in Louisiana. I thought the characters were well done. I loved Carrigan. She's impetuous and willing to tackle life's problems. Laine is reserved and has the strongest faith. Ella Rae is just lovable. She's a staunch friend willing to do anything for Laine and Carrigan.

These women, although they have quite different personalities are devoted to each other. They help each other through hard times, tragedy and fun. It was heartwarming to read about them and see hem grow through the story.

I recommend this book if you enjoy Christian Fiction. Even if you just like women's fiction, this book is well worth reading.

I received this book from BookLook Bloggers for this review.