Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Moving Story of Crime and Forgiveness

Misty, out for the evening with her long time boyfriend, Scott, expected to have a wonderful time. Scott was home from the Navy. Misty hadn't seen him for awhile, but she was hoping that he would soon propose. The evening didn't go as planned. They ended up arguing and uncomfortable with each other. Misty drove away, expecting to spend the night with a girlfriend. Then, realizing that Scott might call and wake her parents, she stopped at a payphone to call him.

Keith, hopped up on drugs and alcohol, planned a robbery with a friend. They needed a getaway car and decided to steal one. Misty, standing by the phone booth near her car was a prime target. He approached and spoke to her. Unlike his usual method of operation, he didn't cover his face and she got a good look at him before he shot her in the head, the bullet penetrating the carotid artery. He left her for dead.

After a trial where Misty was the main witness, Keith went to jail. Misty, however, was tormented by PTSD symptoms and thoughts of vengeance. Eighteen years later, Misty forgave him. They met and have been working together in the Bridges to Life ministry telling their story.

The book is a series of first person accounts by Misty and Keith each telling their side of the story. The toggling from one account to the other breaks the narrative flow, but it's not difficult to follow. The good part is that you get to meet both Keith and Misty and understand what drove the events of that night and the subsequent forgiveness.

Although Misty's situation was much more traumatic then that faced by most people, her desire to finally find peace by forgiving her assailant is very moving. I recommend this book for anyone who has been hurt and is struggling with the question of whether and how to forgive.

I received this book from PR by the Book for this review.