Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Cross-Cultural Romance, Delicious Food, and Naples

Following a family tradition, Katherine Wilson spends three months in Naples as an unpaid intern at the US Consulate. Katherine is overweight and unsure of herself. When the Avalones, a wealthy Italian family, make her part of the family it changes her life.

The two members of the Avalone family who have the most impact on her are Salvatore, the son, and his mother Rafaella. Salvatore is studying law and still living at home. Katherine finds this unusual coming from the US where college students usually try to get away from their families. As Katherine spends more time at the Avalone apartment, she and Salvatore become romantically involved. Again she finds the unusual, but delightful. American boys typically don't bring their girlfriends to hang out with their families.

Raffaella, Salvatore's energetic mother, is the strongest influence in the book. Slender and stylish, her domain is the kitchen. Here Katherine learns about food and the love that holds a family together. 

The author does an excellent job of bringing us into the world of the Avalones and Naples. I felt as though I was visiting a very special family in a city I would love to explore. Food is at the center of the story because this is Rafaella's focus. As Katherine learns to make Italian dishes, we do, too. The best recipes are included at the end of the book so you can try them.

I recommend this memoir. You meet people you'd like to see more of and get to know a foreign culture.

I received this book from Net Galley for this review.