Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Naval JAG Officers Caught in a Mystery that Could Have Come from the Pages of the Newspaper

Lieutenant Commander Caroline McCormick, a Navy JAG attorney, is up for transfer to another post. She's missing Lieutenant Commander P. J. McDonald. They were almost engaged, but when P. J. moved on to DC to work in the prestigious Code 13 section at the Pentagon, he didn't suggest that they make things permanent. Now it's Caroline's turn for a new post. She's hoping for a European assignment, but instead she unexpectedly gets assigned to Code 13.

P. J. is assigned to work on an opinion for the Secretary of Defense on a billion dollar contract setting up a Navy drone command, but the catch is that half the drones will be assigned to Homeland Security. The mob isn't excited about having drones monitor the coastline, and the contractor is pushing hard to get the contract approved by Congress. Using the drone project as background could have come from the pages of current newspapers.

Caroline steps into the controversy when P. j. is shot and killed. When another Code 13 officer is also killed, the Navy needs to solve the mystery fast. Caroline volunteers to take P. J.'s place writing the opinion. Now she's in the sights of the killer.

This is a fast paced murder mystery with a romantic element. I enjoyed the settings in Washington DC and San Diego. They are very realistic. The military background was also very realistic. These were the best parts of the novel. I found the romance rather strained. It adds to the tension and gives a reason for the involvement of senior Navy personnel, but it didn't ring true for the character's motivations.

The mystery pits Caroline and her associates against two ruthless groups, the mob and the contractor. Having two groups interested in either stopping the contract or getting it signed immediately keeps you guessing about who is responsible for the murders.

If you enjoy fast paced mysteries with a military flavor this is a book you shouldn't miss.

I received this book from BookLook Bloggers for this review.