Monday, November 2, 2015

Romantic Problems Continue for the Sexy McBroom Sisters

Frankie, the oldest, is in love with Franklin and doing everything she can to have the first baby, but when she discovers that he has a wife, all bets are off. Tommie, the youngest, is still with Blue, but he seems to be in love with his ex-wife which strains their relationship. Livy is smarting from her husband's affair. Now when they have sex, it's on her terms and steamy.

The story tracks and intertwines the lives of the three sisters. In addition to sexual adventures, there's stalking, death threats, and cheating. It makes for a lively, fast paced read. If you enjoy romance that has more than just bedroom scenes, you'll enjoy this book. The sisters are all different. The author has managed to make each one a realistic character.

The author has included some culture references that make it seem like he's working too hard to raise the book above the level of a quick read. For me, it didn't work. The story is about the sisters. He does a good job portraying them and how they react to the difficult situations in their lives. You may not agree with how they solve their problems, but it works for them.

I reviewed this book for Dutton.

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