Monday, November 16, 2015

Death Greets the New Manager of Java Jive

When his father dies, Pete is left trying to manage Java Jive and hold down his regular job. Recruiting his ex-girlfriend, Juliette, as the new manager seems like a perfect solution. Juliette had her own café before her fiancé ran off with her cash and forced her to close.

Juliette is experienced, but she's not totally ready for the fact that some of the staff, particularly the cook, just don't want her there. She's planning to get around the staff problem when the cook turns up dead, and she's afraid that she's the primary suspect.

The plot is amusing and fast paced. It's fairly easy to figure out what's happening, but there are twists that keep it amusing. The setting in a coffeehouse is realistic and makes a good background for the unusual characters that populate the novel.

Although the antics are amusing, I found Juliette too adventurous and naïve. She jumps to the conclusion that she must be the principal suspect and drags Pete along to help her solve the mystery before the police do. I did love Gertie, Pete's grandmother. She is a completely delightful character who makes you glad you're reading the book.

The book is a fast amusing read with a mystery that takes some thought to unravel. If you enjoy the Evanovich books, you'll enjoy this novel.

I received the book from Alibi for a review.