Friday, November 20, 2015

A Farmer's Christmas

Even on Christmas Eve, a farmer's work continues. Casey lives on a farm with her animal and equipment friends. They're all looking forward to Christmas: decorating the farm, making cookies, putting up stockings, and preparing for the celebration.

On Christmas Eve Casey still has to feed the animals, and when a fence needs mending she has to take care of it. On top of all the work, Casey feels ill and falls asleep before the preparations for Christmas are complete. It could be a very disappointing Christmas, but Casey has good friends on the farm.

I love stories about farms probably because I grew up on one and live on one. If you don't live on a farm, it's hard to envision how much work has to be done every day to keep the animals fed, the equipment working, and the fences mended. This is a good book for children. It shows them a different way of life, unless they live on a farm.

The book has a good message about the importance of friends and family. The illustrations are cheerful and the text is easy for older children to read, or to read to younger children.

I highly recommend this book for part of your Christmas collection.

I received this book from PR by the Book for a review.