Saturday, November 21, 2015

Meeting Your Double Can be a Nightmare

Average people dealing with normal problems find themselves living a nightmare. Tess and her ex-husbland, Nick are trying to co-parent their daughter. The relationship is uneasy but fairly cordial. However, when she sees him on a street in Boston, she thinks he ignores her, and it makes her furious.

Frank is battling alcoholism and the loss of his dream of being a crime reporter. He thinks he may have found an out when he meets his violent double in his own home.

When it turns out that Nick is in New Hampshire not Boston when Tess saw him, she wants to investigate. Her friend Lili agrees to help her, and it becomes even stranger when Lili also finds that she has a double. Their search leads them to an elegant townhouse on Beacon Hill where events begin to spin out of control.

If you like ghosts, paranormal, and horror movies, you love this book. Seeing your double can be frightening, but when evil surrounds you, it becomes a nightmare from which you can't wake.

The plot is fast paced and cleverly written taking advantage of the idea of doppelgängers with a new twist. The characters feel like real people which makes the horror stronger. I enjoyed the book, but unless you're a hard core horror fan, I wouldn't suggest reading it when you're alone on a stormy night.

I received this book from St. Martin's Press for a review. 

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