Friday, November 20, 2015

Love and Challenges for a Single Mother

When she was seventeen, Ally made a mistake. Now she has a beautiful daughter to show for it. While taking care of her daughter, Ally managed to finish college, get a graduate degree and is now teaching at Brown. Amid all the responsibilities of teaching, including a difficult boss, and taking care of her daughter, Ally hasn't much time for romance, or sex.

One day she's feeling completely frazzled with responsibilities when Jake, a student, comes into her life challenging her to have some fun. Ally is attracted, but sends him away afraid of how it might affect her daughter and perceptions of her on campus.

Ten years later, her daughter is grown up struggling to make her own way when surprise, Jake shows up as her daughter's date.

This is a book you'll enjoy if you like romantic stories without too much explicit sex. Ally is likable. If you're a single mom, you'll empathize with her dilemma of raising a daughter, being a professional, and putting her sex life on hold. Jake is the kind of almost too good man you'd love to know, and Lizzie has her own rebellious charm.

The plot is a bit thin. There are no major catastrophes. Instead the challenges revolve around a single mother trying to let go of her grown daughter. and the daughter trying to find her own way.

I received this book from Dutton, Penguin-Random House for a review.