Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Serial Killer, Paranormal Investigations, and Romance

Meg, a new FBI agent, is drawn into a case that looks like the work of a serial killer. Her childhood friend, Lara, sends her a note saying she is tired of her job working for a congressman in DC and is going home to Richmond. She doesn't arrive, and when her body ifs found it looks much like the other bodies that have been turning up.

Meg is assigned to work with Matt, a seasoned FBI agent who is part of the Krewe Hunters. This is Meg's first experience with the paranormal investigators, but Matt has been at it for awhile and is dissatisfied with his job. Together they visit places where the ghosts talk to people with the ability to hear them, like Gettysburg.

This book is part of series, the fifteenth. Although I hadn't read the previous books, I found the story easy to follow. It can be read as a standalone book. However, if you enjoy paranormal adventures you may want to read more.

I enjoyed the mystery. It's filled with twists and the paranormal aspect is a nice touch. It's not easy to figure out who is responsible when a serial killer and a political conspiracy are intertwined.

If you like mysteries, and enjoy a bit of paranormal, you'll like this book.

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