Monday, June 1, 2015

Ship Wreckers on the Cornish Coast, an Unlikely Romance, and a Mysterious Medalion

Lady Morwenna Penvenan is struggling to rebuild her murdered husband's Cornish estate for her infant son. The mines that could provide the necessary capital are flooded, and she's unable to find investors. Because of her poverty and her desire to rebuild the estate, people believe that she is involved with the wreckers who lure ships to the coast where they founder on the rocks. Then the wreckers strip the ship of its cargo.

Morwenna hates being suspected of this crime. She feels that people think the worst of her because of her wild past. After one of the wrecks, she is walking the beach looking for clues when she finds an unconscious man. Around his neck is a medal with the Trelawny crest, her grandparents' crest. Hoping that if he lives he can give her some insight into the wreck, she takes him to her house to try to bring him back to health.

David Chastain is a boat builder. He was on his way to Fallmouth to try to find out what happened to his dead father. His father, also a boat builder, took all the money from their account and went to Fallmouth. David wants to know the reason. After his death, David was given the medal he was carrying. When he regains consciousness, he realizes that he has landed close to the origin of the mysterious medal, and he wonders how much Morwenna knows about the wreck and his father's death.

The Cornish coast in the nineteenth century is a wild background for a romantic tale. The author uses the attributes of the coast, the rain, winds, and tides, to weave a spell around the romance of David and Morwenna. The plot focuses on their distrust of each other and their growing attraction

I enjoyed the story, David's father's death adds an element of mystery that enhances the romantic tale. David is a character you can't help but love. He's a member of the lower classes thrown into a nobleman's house, and he holds his own very well. I enjoyed Morwenna, but her thoughts about doubting herself because of her past became rather tedious.

If you enjoy romance with a hint of mystery, you may enjoy this book.

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