Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Very Cold Case, Las Vegas, and a Nun Who is a Detective

Eve is on leave from her convent helping her father, the Captain, with his detective business. She's trying to decide whether to go back to the convent when a strange case arrives in the form of a man who wants to know what happened to his great grandfather, a miner in the area in the 1890s.

Things become more complicated when Eve can't contact her sister, Dorisanne, who lives in Las Vegas. Dorisanne has always been in trouble, but now Eve thinks it's serious trouble. She and Daniel, the Captain's former partner, take off for Las Vegas to find out what's going on and get more than they expected.

The central mystery of what's happening with Dorisanne is predictable, but a quick read. If you want an escapist mystery this is a good one. The secondary mystery of what happened to the great grandfather seemed unnecessary and stuck on. I understood the significance at the end, but I don't think it was necessary for the small amount of moralizing it allowed.

The characters are stereotypical except for Eve. The Captain is what you think of as a crusty private eye, and Daniel is a typical police officer. I had trouble with Eve's character. I believe nuns can ride motorcycles and behave as she did, but her constant wondering about whether to leave the convent or work with her father seemed a bit extreme.

I reviewed the book for BookLook Bloggers.