Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Southern Gothic Mystery

Charlie Cates is mourning the sudden death of her five-year-old son. She's alone because she and the boy's father are divorced. On top of the death, Charlie is faced with the loss of her job when the New York magazine she works for is purchased by another company.

Luckily, Charlie's old editor form Cold Crimes Magazine offers her an assignment. Thirty years ago, a three-year-old boy disappeared from his bead on historic Evangeline plantation in Louisiana. The boy has never been found, but is presumed dead. Charlie grabs the assignment. Louisiana is far from New York and her problems, but then she starts having visions of trying to save children who are in danger.

The book is a fun read with romance, mystery, and paranormal events. The author has created a very atmospheric book: lush Louisiana, a brooding mansion, and unusual visions. I enjoyed the descriptions. Although it's a modern setting, it feels timeless.

The characters are well developed. Charlie is a particularly well done character. If you like fiction with a woman sleuth, you'll like Charlie. There is also romance and serious questions about who Charlie can trust.

If you want a pleasant, escapist read, you'll enjoy this book.

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