Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Landslide in North Carolina, Rescue Dogs and Murder

Ryder Creed, a former K-9 handles in Afghanistan and Iraq, now trains rescue dogs. He thought he had put his experience in Iraq and Afghanistan behind him when Peter Logan, a platoon leader he worked with, calls to cash in a favor. A serious landslide in North Carolina has buried a DARPA research facility. He wants Creed to bring his dogs and find the center and any survivors.

Maggie O'Dell, an FBI agent who has worked with Creed before, gets the same call. Her current boy friend, Ben Platt, a Colonel at DAPA, asks her to got to North Carolina and find out what's happening. She agrees, partly because she'd secretly like to work with Creed again.

The conditions in North Carolina are horrendous. The rain keeps coming, the site is a mass of mud, and dangerous debris is everywhere. But the conditions are not the only problem Creed and O'Dell have to contend with. One of the first bodies they find is a scientist who wasn't killed in the landslide. He has a bullet in his head. Now they have to find out what was really going on at the facility.

I loved this mystery. O'Dell and Creed are characters that keep you interested in the case, but also in their attraction to each other. However, the real stars are the lovable rescue dogs. I knew very little about the training and use of rescue dogs, but the author does a good job of describing both without being heavy handed. The dogs themselves steal the show, hard-working, friendly, and very well trained.

The chapters are short and move between the scenes of action from committee hearings in Washington, DC, to the disaster area in North Carolina. This not only makes for fast paced reading, it pulls you along to find out what happens next in each thread of the plot.

I highly recommend this book if you love a good action-adventure story with a mystery. Even if you're not a dog-lover, I think you'll fall in love with these intelligent animals.

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