Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Not a Deficiency -- a Difference

Whether you're concerned about your child, yourself, or your partner being diagnosed with ADHD, this is a book to read. I believe that too many people are being given a catchall diagnosis and being medicated to change behavior that can actually give great advantages if understood and used properly. I find it very upsetting that so many school children are being medicated. Certainly, very active children can be disruptive in a strictly run classroom, but there are ways to structure a classroom to allow them to use some of their excess energy, keep them interested, and make them productive members of the class.

This book covers a broad spectrum of advice and information about ADHD. In the first section, the author explores the myth of what ADHD is including the diagnosis, medication, and learning methods. In the second section, the author discusses the unique abilities of the ADHD individual. The third section covers careers that are suited to the ADHD individual. Too many people diagnosed as ADHD feel that they don't fit into society, but with a little understanding they can find a valuable place. The examples the author gives should help everyone see how successful an individual with this behavior can be.

I highly recommend this book. It contains technical information, but is presented in a way that's easy to read. I wish all teachers and parents would read this book before taking the easy route of medication. This book will give you confidence that it is a behavior pattern that can be dealt with without pills and can bring out the best in an individual.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley.