Friday, July 3, 2015

A Quirky Family Drawn Together by Food

When Lars wife, Cindy, runs away with a sommelier, he is left with a baby girl, Eve. She rapidly becomes the center of his existence. Being a chef, he makes sure that Eve is given only the finest food. His gift is sensing the flavors of food, which makes him a great chef and gives Eve an unusual genetic heritage. When Lars dies, Eve becomes the ward of his brother and his wife. From there her journey into the food culture begins.

The book is divided into a series of chapters. Each chapter centers around a dish, but don't expect recipes. The food is there as an adjunct to the character of the central person in each chapter. Although the thread of the book runs through Eve's journey from adolescent to adult, she is not the focus of each chapter. The other quirky members of her large family take the role of protagonist.

Although the blurb for the book suggests that it is humerus, I didn't find it at all amusing. It's poignant at some points, but not funny. I did enjoy the character development. This isn't really a coming of age story since Eve is not always the major character, but her development as seen by herself and others is
well done.

The book is darker than I expected from the title and some of the characters use quite colorful language. Although the book is not what I expected from reading the blurb, it's a unique way of looking at a character growing up in an unusual family.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley.