Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Leisurely Romance: A Serving of Scandal by Prue Leith

Kate McKinnon is planning to do exceptionally well at her first catering job with the Foreign Office. She does and in the process impresses Oliver Stapler, Foreign Secretary, who starts to use her same catering firm for his dinners. Kate is raising her son Toby alone after breaking up with the boy's father. Oliver is married to a woman who is far more interested in her horses than his career. Gradually, they find that they're interested in each other and the problems begin.

On the positive side, the opening chapters of this book give the reader a glimpse of the world of high level catering. Kate is a likeable character and her world which includes her Indian friends, who own a restaurant, is fascinating. Oliver, likewise, is a sympathetic character. He's trying to balance his life between his home and the problems of the Foreign Office.

On the negative side, not a great deal happens until the middle of the book when Kate and Oliver realize that they are attracted to each other. What I missed in the book is a striving by either character to reach some goal aside from coping with the pressures of everyday life. However, the book is fun to read and a relaxing way to spend an evening.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley.