Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Distant Father, Daughters Who Want His Attention, and Murder: The Last Girl by Jan Casey

The family of a prominent attorney, specializing in criminal cases, has been brutally murdered. DC Kerrigan and DI Derwent are assigned to the case. They arrive on the scene to find the mother dead of multiple stab wounds, the father conscious after having been knocked out, one teenage daughter with her throat cut and one daughter who survived but is hysterical. There is a plethora of suspects ranging form dissatisfied clients to the attorney himself, and even the surviving teenage twin.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It's a realistic police procedural, but the investigators are very human. The constant friction between Derwent and Kerrigan relieves tension in the story as it does for the investigators. I enjoyed the glimpses of Kerrigan and her lover, Rob. It would have been delightful to see more of their interaction. I'm hopeful the next book will show more of their lives.

The plot is very complex with suspects turning up, being interviewed and disappearing. There is also a subplot having to do with a series of drug related murders that isn't tied in until the very end. I think these books have the makings of a great series. I'm looking forward to more.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley.