Thursday, March 7, 2013

Heartbreak and Art Forgery: A Nearly Perfect Copy by Allison Amend

Although Elm Howells has a respected place in the art world and a career as a director at a distinguished auction house, she hasn't been able to concentrate on her job, or anything else, since the death of her son. She desperately wants to have him back, or replace him. Gabriel Cannois is a talented artist, but he's been unable to achieve the recognition he craves from the Paris art world. When you're ambitious and at the bottom even forgery sounds promising.

The characters in this novel are very introspective. It's really more of a character study than a mystery. In fact, they are so introspective that the book sometimes becomes rather boring. After a certain point, I got tired of Elm being unable to concentrate because she misses her dead son. Personally, I found Gabriel a more sympathetic character. He wants acclaim so badly he's blind to how he could be damaging himself.

This book is well written, but it's a slow read. The background is detailed and gives a good picture of the art world these characters live in. If you enjoy character studies, you may enjoy this book. If you're looking for a mystery, give it a miss.

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