Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spying in Hitler's Berlin

Having completed her S.O.E. spy training. Maggie Hope is being sent to Berlin on her first mission; the first woman dropped behind enemy lines. The simple mission, deliver radio crystals to a resistance group and plant a microphone in Clara Hess' study, is complicated by Maggie's background and character. Clara Hess is her mother, and Maggie's curiosity and desire to help the war effort encourage her to remain in Berlin at the end of the mission.

The book is filled with accurate historic detail including the Naxi's euthenasia of defective children, and the shipment of Jews to “work” camps. Maggie isn't the only one in Berlin working to expose the murder of children. Her sister, Elsie Hess, a nurse in the hospital the children are being transported from, discovers the activity and teams up with Maggie to expose it.

Characters from the previous books, David, John and Hugo have their own subplots making this a more complex book than the previous novels in the series.

I enjoyed this book. The plot moves smoothly between London and Berlin contrasting the wartime activities in the two capitals. While the plot is resolved at the end of the book, there are still unresolved issues that lead to what I am sure will be a fourth novel.

I reviewed this book for the Amazon Vine Program.