Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Well Reasoned Explanation of the Resurrection

Thomas Miller, a surgeon, discusses the evidence for the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ in a reasoned, scientific way. In each chapter, he examines the evidence in detail and then draws conclusions. The evidence ranges from the textual reliability of the gospels, the importance of the empty tomb and the grave clothes, to the eye-witness accounts and how reliable they are. His chapter on the medical aspects of the crucifixion, while rather gory, is excellent. For me, it complete answers the objection that Jesus didn't die, he simply swooned and came to later in the tomb.

I found the book very readable and full of well presented information. I particularly liked the chapter on whether the resurrection was really necessary. For me, the most telling evidence was the character of the disciples. These were fishermen and laborers. They worked with their hands and had a concrete reality. Miller argues that a spiritual resurrection wouldn't have been sufficient to turn these frightened men into ardent preachers who willingly faced death to bring the gospel to as many people as possible.

I highly recommend this book. Whether you agree with the author or not, he presents a wealth of evidence and cites other authors to allow you to understand his arguments and decide for yourself. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. If I wasn't already a believer, it would have convinced me.

I reviewed this book for Crossway.