Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Calling Us To Focus on Christ

As Elyse points out in her introduction, we need the scripture everyday to bring us closer to Christ and make our souls feel full. There are too many days when it's easier to carry on with the demands of family, friends, and work and neglect the gospel. This devotional makes you want to spend at least fifteen minutes with this book and the gospel every day.

The devotional covers the first eight chapters of the book of Romans. Elyse recommends that you read the entire book before starting, but even if you don't, each day's reading will bring new insight into the richness of Romans. I loved the way she wrote each chapter taking context into consideration as well as discussing the words of the chapter. It makes the words of the gospel more meaningful.

I highly recommend this book. Too often the focus of sermons is on self: self improvement, self knowledge, etc. These are good things, but perhaps first we should concentrate on understanding the gospel and Christ's love for us, so that we can better understand and help others.

I highly recommend this book. If you do read it all the way through, the way I did, you'll probably want to go back and read it a day at a time. There is much to ponder.

I reviewed this book for Crossway.