Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Stage Magic and Real Magic

Reve is happily married to a magician. Together they have perfected an act that has received acclaim both is Las Vegas and in the country. Their three daughters are growing up and Reve thinks life is almost perfect until she accidentally shoots her husband during one of their magic acts.

Although she is not found guilty of the murder, Reve finds life difficult without her husband. It becomes worse when a stalker starts sending pictures of the children. Fearing for their safety, she returns to her childhood home, Hawley Five Corners. This is a strange town that was apparently abandoned by the residents, including her ancestors, under mysterious circumstances. Although she feels safe there, the feeling doesn't last when the man who murdered her husband finds them and the stalking begins again.

The stage magic from the opening chapters of the book turns to real magic when Reve and the girls move to Hawley Five Corners. Reve has always known that she has a special talent. She can disappear. In fact, all the women in her family have special talents. However, once she is living in Hawley she learns the history behind these talents.

If you like books that rely on a mysterious backstory, you'll love this book. The evens in Reve's life move forward, and as they do she learns the history of her family. The only problem with this is that there are long passages of backstory. If you prefer lots of action, you may be disappointed.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley.