Thursday, September 4, 2014

Finding God Through Adversity

Lucy and Steve have just received the worst possible news. His brain tumor has recurred, and he has at most a month to live. Lucy is pregnant, and one of the things he most wants is to live long enough to see his baby daughter. They return from the doctor's visit to the house they've recently bought and both love, but while Lucy makes tea, Steve hangs himself in the basement.

Lucy is distraught. It isn't possible Steve wouldn't do something like that. She's in shock, but her problems are only beginning. A cache of old geological maps showing the location of minerals in the African Congo are wanted by Andrew, a man Steve thought was his best friend. Now because Lucy won't agree to sell them, he accuses her of murder.

The plot of this book is excellent. Action, mystery and murder combine to make a page turner. The pace is fast. In addition there's a spiritual component. Lucy begins as an unbeliever, but as her troubles mount she begins to find her way to accept that God is acting in her life.

The characters are another story. Because the plot is so complex and fast moving, there is little time for character development so most of them appear one dimensional. This isn't terrible in what is basically an adventure story, but Lucy is different. I was disappointed in the main character. Troubles keep piling one on top of the other, but each time Lucy is rescued. She is sad, frightened, and tearful for most of the book and never gets a chance to take control of her life until possibly at the very end. I was disappointed.

If you like plot driven novels with a spiritual component, you'll like this book. If you prefer novels with a strong character component, you may be disappointed.

I reviewed this book for PR by the Book.