Monday, September 29, 2014

Murder, Mystery and Mischief at a Paranormal Conference

Emily Castles is bored by her office job, but when she agrees to attend the Belief and Beyond Conference to try to detect a murder before it happens, she gets more than she bargained for. Perspicacious Peg believes she has received a psychic message that Edmond Zenon, a famous skeptic, will drown when he performs his walking-on-water stunt. The anticipation is increased because Edmund has offered 50,000 pounds to any psychic who can prove the paranormal exists. With all the psychic activity and an offer of a large cash reward, there's plenty of room for mischief.

The book is a fun read. The setting in Torquay at the Hotel Majestic is a good back drop for the psychic conference participants including those out to prove the paranormal exists. Emily is an intelligent young woman who manages to keep her head as more bodies are discovered. Madame Nova, Perspicacious Peg, and Dr. Muriel to name a few are delightfully eccentric characters who add color to the plot.

The early chapters of the book are a little slow; introducing main characters and setting up the scene at the conference. However, after Edmund performs his trick, the pace picks up and Emily is kept busy finding the connections between the murder victims.

If you're looking for good escape reading, you'll enjoy this book.

I reviewed this book for the Amazon Vine Program.