Thursday, September 25, 2014

Everything You Need to Know for Everyday Cooking

The New Family Cookbook is a treasure. Not only are the recipes mouth-watering, it's filled with helpful information on other aspects of cooking. The book opens with a section on Kitchen Tips followed by sections on how to measure, choose knives, and use cutting boards. Although I've cooked for a long time, I learned something from reading them.

The recipes range from appetizers and salads through main courses and desserts. I particularly like the section on casseroles. It's an area where I'm always looking for new recipes because they're easy to prepare and keep well. Each section has numerous colored pictures of the dishes. I think I could gain ten pounds just reading about all the delicious desserts. In addition to pictures of the dishes, many recipes have an illustrated section on how to prepare the dish. I find it helpful to know exactly what to do step by step.

Another helpful feature is the designation of the recipe as fast, or it gives you the preparation time. When we're all so busy, it's helpful to know which recipes can be prepared quickly, particularly if you get off work late and have to fix supper.

An interesting feature at the end of the cookbook is a list of kitchen equipment that they recommend along with the price. This section is followed by a shopping list giving recommended ingredients. Altogether, this is an excellent kitchen reference. It would make an excellent shower or wedding gift, or a present for someone setting up their first apartment. However, the book isn't limited to new cooks. Even cooks who have been at it for years will find interesting tidbits of information scattered among the recipes.

I reviewed this book for the Amazon Vine Program.