Tuesday, September 2, 2014

An Inspirational Journey on The River

In this sequel to The River, Gabriel Clark learns to become a river guide. Jacob Fielding, the man Gabriel's father saved at the expense of his own life, takes him into his family and the into his guide business. Gabriel is still struggling with his fears of The River, but the more he learns the more he trusts himself and feels The River is his true home.

The book is peopled with characters from The River: Jacob Fielding and his daughters Tabitha and Sadie, Ezra Buchanan, Gabriel's mother, Maggie, and Rio, his marvelous dog. The book is a continuation of Gabriel's struggle to forgive, give of himself,
and find love. The plot is very simple, no twists or complex threads, but it you enjoy inspirational reading, this is a good book.

For me, the major problem with the book is that the writing is very simple and sometimes awkward. However, this doesn't distract too much from the description of the wild river and surroundings. In fact, The River is the major character in the book. The other other character including Gabriel are rather one dimensional. They suffer, but it is almost a foregone conclusion that they will succeed. It seems too easy.

The descriptions of white water rafting are worth reading the book for. They are accurate and exciting. If you enjoy the outdoors, camping, hiking, and rafting, you'll enjoy this book. Likewise if you like inspirational books, this is one for you.

I reviewed this book for Thomas Nelson's BookLook Bloggers.