Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Medium and the Message: Redemption by William E. Jefferson

Redemption is the companion volume to “The Point: The Redemption of Oban Ironbout” In the original volume two newlyweds, Goodwin and Hollie Macbreeze visit the Isle of Estillyen. Hollie wants to hear the series of twelve readings given by the monks on the subject of redemption. Goodwin is more interested in meeting the owner of the house on the point, Oban Ironbout. In that volume the twelve readings are given in summary form. In this volume the complete readings are produced.

The twelve readings are conducted by the monks of Estillyen, one monk being the reader and presenting the relevant scripture passages, the other playing the role of Satan. It's an interesting presentation, particularly the portrayal of Satan. The prose is often poetic, but it can also be difficult to follow.

The readings emphasize the importance of the connection between the medium and the message. Lecture Five, “The Word Became Flesh,” is the clearest example of this premise. The opening of the Gospel of John has the words “And the Word was made Flesh.” Jefferson uses this analogy to present his thesis that words are important, but not in and of themselves. Words are important because of the concepts they express and most importantly who says them. Jesus Christ is the perfect example of the inextricable nature of the medium and the message.

I particularly enjoyed the section of each reading devoted to Satan. He is presented as a slimy, slinking character berating his followers and spying on what I AM is doing with the “Fleshies” he created.The depiction of Satan and his omnipresence are very well done.

I recommend this book if you read “The Point” and want a more complete set of readings. I also recommend it if you're looking for
a unique way to look at the story of the old and new testaments leading to Christ and his crucifixion.

I reviewed this book for Handlebar.