Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Delicious Amish Recipes From Florida

Before reading this cookbook, I had no idea there was a large Amish/ Mennonite community in Sarasota, Florida. In fact, I had no idea that the Amish were like the rest of us going south for the winter. Learning about this settlement, its history and through newspaper clippings learning about the lives of the people was fascinating. I'd love to visit and see the places Sherry Gore describes, like Yoder's Restaurant.

The recipes make your mouth water just reading them. The ingredients are easy to come by, using standards like cream of mushroom soup for a soup base. I thought the book was heavy on dessert recipes, but that's a matter of taste. If you have a growing family making things for the children is, I'm sure, a priority. Milk, cream, and butter are heavily featured in the main dishes and soups as well as the desserts. This makes them even more delicious, but if you or anyone in your family has a problem with lactose it will take creative planning to adjust the ingredients.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Now if I'm in Florida, I'd like to visit Yoder's restaurant and see if I can find an Amish bake sale at the farmer's market.

I reviewed this book for the Booksneeze program.