Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Sadistic Killer Stalks Slaughter Creek

In this sequel to Dying to Tell, Brenda Banks, an investigative reporter, tries to get an exclusive story on Commander Blackwood, a sadistic madman who tortured children in the insane asylum at Slaughter Creek. Blackwood is now in prison, but another killer, possibly one of the children he tortured, is strangling people in Slaughter Creek. Nick Blackwood, one of the Commander's sons, is now an FBI agent trying to clean up the mess his father created. He has loved Brenda Banks since high school and he doesn't want her involved with his father, but his plans to keep her out of the investigation are thwarted by the killer who leaves a trail of clues that only Brenda can understand.

If you like suspense, this novel has plenty as Nick Blackwood and Brenda Banks try to understand their childhoods and track down a sadistic killer. There were too many scenes of sadistic torture involving children for my taste, so I didn't enjoy this novel.

I found the main characters less interesting than the comparable characters in Dying to Tell. Sadie and Jake seemed much more real. They were focused on trying the help Amelia, Sadie's twin sister, one of the Commander's victims. In this novel, Nick and Brenda focus on their own pasts. I found it hard to get to know these characters, particularly with all the scenes of torture both remembered and current thrown in between glimpses of their interaction.

I can't recommend this book unless you like gritty, sadistic mysteries with a hint of romance, but if you want to follow the lives of the Slaughter Creek characters, you may enjoy this second installment.

I reviewed this book for the Amazon Vine Program.