Friday, June 21, 2013

Horse Racing, Drug Smuggling, Murder, and Romance

Christian's father is dying. Although Christian has been estranged from his father since his parents' divorce, his father, a small time horse trainer, begs Christian to come see him at his small Thoroughbred farm outside Ocala, Florida. Although down on his luck, his father has a special colt. He wants to give the colt to Christian on the understanding that the colt will be trained and race, hopefully making them a lot of money.

The trainer Christian's father selects swindles him out of the horse, but there's another horse, a clone of Secretariat. His father believes this horse will be one of the greatest racehorses ever, but a great deal of money is owed on him, not to mention that because he is a clone he's not eligible to race, but that can be overcome by falsifying his breeding. To buy the colt, Christian becomes involved with the a group of mobsters who loan him the money to buy the colt. When he can't pay, they coerce him into helping them with
drug smuggling off the Florida coast.

Action is the key element in this novel. From Thoroughbred racing to drug smuggling to romance gone bad, the action carries the story. If you enjoy an action filled book. This is one for you. Unfortunately, the action is sometimes a bit extreme. I had trouble with the drug smuggling and psychotic ex-girlfriend, but the horse racing is well done. The author apparently has a good knowledge of the Thoroughbred world and the horse industry centered around Ocala.

The characters are the weakest part of the book. From the horse trainers, to the drug lords, to the girlfriends, they are stereotypes. This may not matter if action is what you seek, but it will bother anyone who expects a character driven novel.

I reviewed this book for Net Galley.