Thursday, November 15, 2012

Parenting is Not for the Weak Hearted: The Best Advice I Ever Got on Parenting by Jim Daly

Nobody ever said it was easy to raise the next generation to be responsible, productive members of society, but this book offers some helpful suggestions. Children are people who expect to be treated with respect and love.

This does not mean that we have to let them rule the family. I love chapter two in this book. It discusses the nine myths of parenting. I think we all feel guilty at not giving our children more that we had, not suggesting that they can be greater, but that doesn't mean pushing them into endless activities and giving them opportunities that perhaps they don't want all designed to make them more successful than we were.

Children need love, limits, and respect. If we can give them these three things, they will find their own ways to succeed in life using the talents God gave them.

This is an excellent book for parents. The chapters deal with different perspectives on child rearing, but they are all excellent. It's a great book to discuss with your spouse, or in a Christian group dedicate to parenting. I highly recomment it.

I reviewed this book for Worthy Publishing.