Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Motorcycle Gangs, Race Horses, and a Crumbling Mansion Provide Plenty of Action

Jack Haliday is working undercover to expose a gang dealing in drugs and arms led by Gunner, the leader of the Nomads motor cycle gang.

Shane West is having a difficult morning. On his way to the stable to exercise the young horses he trains, he finds Krebs, one of the stable hands, slacking off as usual and fires him. Krebs, a nasty customer, plots his revenge.

Vic Deveraux has ridden horses for the West Stable for many years, but he's getting old. When he causes a serious accident on the track because he can't control his horse, Shane offers him an easier job. Vic's pride is hurt. When he encounters Krebs and his partner Riviera, he's ready to fall in with their scheme to kidnap Shane, hold him prisoner in a crumbling mansion frequented by the Nomads, and demand a ransom.

The author weaves together the two plot lines for an action packed finish at the old mansion.

The book is an enjoyable read, if you like plenty of action, some of it rather nasty. That's the positive side. On the negative side, the characters are rather one dimensional. Krebs is so evil you expect to see horns and a tail. I have to admit there wasn't much time for character development in the very intense action environment. However, it you prefer books where the characters actions and beliefs drive the plot, this isn't for you. The characters are primarily in the service of the action.

I give the book five stars for action and three stars for character.

I reviewed this book for Acorn Book Services through the Net Galley program..