Saturday, November 3, 2012

Living with the Knowledge that Heaven is Real

Colton Burpos' unique experience of traveling to Heaven and meeting Jesus changed life for Todd and Sonja as much as it did for their son. In this devotional, they discuss the many ways their life has gotten better, and how they have been able to help people understand what will happen when you go to Heaven.

Each of the short chapters focuses on how Colton's parents have dealt with his experience. I particularly enjoyed the chapters about how the family adjusted. With Colton getting so much publicity it would be easy for the other children to become resentful. Todd and Sonja talk realistically about how they give the other children additional attention when they're home and build them into the speaking engagements.

This book repeats much of the information in Heaven is For Real, but the emphasis is now on how do you live with what Colton learned. The chapters are short devotionals that can be used to meditate on what knowing about Heaven can mean in your life. I particularly enjoyed the ones dedicated to the importance of guiding young children. Colton brought back Jesus' message that he loves children. The Burpos have understood the message and focus on children's ministry, an area that is too often relegated to second place in our churches.

I highly recommend this book. The realization that Heaven is real changed the Burpos life. It can change yours also.

I reviewed this book for the Thomas Nelson Booksneeze Program.