Thursday, November 15, 2012

Marriage Isn't Easy, But This Book has Great Suggestions: The Best Advice I Ever Got on Marriage by Jim Daly

Whether you've been married a long time, or are a newly wed, you realize that marriage isn't romance. That does not imply that marriage can't have romance, but there's more to it. Marriage is a partnership. Respecting and loving your partner is the basis of a good marriage.

This is a wonderful book for anyone looking at their long-term marriage and wondering how to make it better and for anyone starting out. The book is a series of chapters by people who have been through the goods and bads of marriage and are offering advice from their perspective. You don't have to take all of it, but it's a perfect way to think about how to make your marriage all you want it to be..

I recommend this book for individuals, and for groups looking to improve marriage relationships. It will make you think and give you excellent examples.

I reviewed this book for Worthy Publishing.